Have questions? Hopefully we have some answers....

What is LTP?

The Leadership Training Project (LTP) is a training opportunity for college aged men and women.  LTP was founded in 1991, continuing a legacy in Kansas City of leaders who wanted to invest in the next generation.  2019 will be our 28th year and in that time we’ve had over 500 young leaders come through the doors.


Who leads LTP?

LTP is sponsored by the Gathering Network in Kansas City.  Our team consists of business leaders, pastors, teachers, young parents and various ministry leaders working together to bring a balance of support to the students.  We network with other churches and youth ministries in partnerships for the summer to diversify our investment in the participants.


Does LTP cost money? If so, why?

Yes it does! It has been our experience that the next generation is more invested in their development when they are literally financially investing in their development. Secondly, the cost helps to cover the overhead costs of the LTP training program - such as a retreat in June, family camp travel & lodging, administration support, resources, staffing, and other expenses.

The cost for the core LTP program and Worship Intensive Track in 2019 is $500.

There is also housing offered for out of town participants for an additional $500.


What are the time requirements of LTP?

Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm should be reserved for LTP seminars.

Tuesday evenings should be left open for a city wide experience in worship and prayer.

Afternoons, Fridays and Saturdays are left open for working hours, taking a class and rest.

Sunday mornings and evening are reserved for ministry experiences together.


For Parents:

Why LTP for my child/student?

We believe now more than ever that the next generation are like “sheep without a shepherd” as Jesus says in the the New Testament.  The challenges they face, the obstacles they must overcome to make it into adulthood, the many temptations they encounter daily are crippling and anesthetizing. Even those who have strong leadership skills find themselves asking questions that they’ve never asked before and have no idea how to come up with any answers on their own.

LTP exists to equip the next generation to navigate these challenges while providing as much support and prayer as we can to each person who comes through LTP.


What about my child having a job this summer?

We require each participant to have an outside job during the summer that can work with the hours of LTP. Most students need to make some money during the summer, and we get that.  More than anything, we see it as character enriching and an important way of learning time management. We’ve seen how an outside job proves to be both a practical and spiritual development opportunity.

With the LTP schedule provided above, there are 60 hours left in the week for outside employment.  We don’t recommend students work more than 30 hours a week as they do LTP, but as you can see, there is plenty of time available for a summer job!


My child is from out of state, are there housing options provided?

We love to see interns connected with housing opportunities as the need arises, but we do not promise to provide housing for each intern. If an intern is matched with a family for housing by us, there is an additional $500 living expense cost that is added to the base-cost of LTP.  This $500 goes to a host family/person providing the living space.